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- Construction; installation and repair of civil and industrial projects; infrastructure, transportation and irrigation projects; residential and commercial building.


- Investment consultation; Project management of civil, industrial and infrastructure projects;

- Production and trading of: construction materials, machinery, equipment, ceiling panels, waterproofing materials, wooden furniture, interior and exterior decoration.

- Real estate business;

        1. Real estate brokerage Service;

        2. Real estate auctions Service;

        3. Real estate valuation Service;

        4. Real estate trading floor  Service;


- Agent for Commodities trading and consignment.

- Leasing service of Construction machinery and equipments.

- Providing the real estate related services

- Manufacturing cement, lime and plaster;

- Production of construction materials from clay;

- Manufacture of structural metal products, tanks, reservoirs and steam generators;

- Manufacturing of other metal products; metal processing services,

- Manufacturing mining and construction machines;

- Demolition and site preparation;

- Short-stay services;

- Other accommodation establishments



- Construction Joint Stock Company Cotec

- U& I Construction Join Stock Co,. (Unicons)

- Hoa Binh Construction & Real Estate Corporation

- Obayasi Vietnam Corporation Shimizu Vietnam Corporation

- Construction Joint Stock Company Licogi 16.02

- Joint Stock Company Investment & Construction West Lake

- Construction Corporation 1

- A.Q.A Co., Ltd.

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